Four tips on how to add some punch to you social media graphics

(Mass Appeal) – Solid graphics on a website can keep people there and browsing, so it’s important to make them aesthetically pleasing. Loryn Engelbrecht, brand designer and stylist of Loryn Designs, joined us with four tips on how to give them a boost! The first is balance and alignment – symmetrical design creates a pleasing […]

New Year, New You: Refreshing your website for 2020

(Mass Appeal) – The New Year is usually a good time to take fresh eyes and look at the things in your life that may need updating… like perhaps your website! Loryn Engelbrecht of Loryn Designs shared her tips to improve your website for 2020. Engelbrecht’s first tip is photos; colorful photos and plentiful ones. […]

Learn how to spruce up your life with the perfect color palette

(Mass Appeal) – Is it time to spruce up your house – or even your wardrobe – before the start of the holidays? Adding color maybe a good place to start. Joining us with useful advice is Loryn Engelbrecht, owner of Loryn Designs. Color can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to find a creative combination. […]

Branding your wedding or event for a cohesive look

(Mass Appeal) – Branding is not often associated with weddings or events, but it actually makes perfect sense – it’s a great way to pull together all the different components cohesively. Loryn Engelbrecht of Loryn Designs joined us to tell more. According to Engelbrecht, you start with a mood board: a bulletin board with inspiration, […]

Tips on planning a Halloween party

Using a theme can make your Halloween party (or any party!) look more cohesive. Loryn Engelbrecht, owner of Loryn Design is here with different ways to theme your boo bash!

5 Big Website Mistakes You May Be Making…. & How to Fix Them!

You may not realize that your website is a gigantic billboard overlooking the highway of your potential clients, and they will drive RIGHT past  if you aren’t putting TLC into your website. 

Loryn Engelbrecht is the Owner of Loryn Design and she joins us with more. 

Learn how to begin tap dancing

Sneak exercise into your new year by being Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!

Create your 2019 Vision Board!

Put your goals and aspirations onto a vision board and make them come to life!

A step-by-step guide to designing your holiday card

While sending a handwritten, detailed holiday card to all of your family, friends, and loved ones may be out of the question, sending a sweet holiday photo card to them is the perfect solution! Nothing makes your relatives happier than seeing sweet, smiling faces in their mailbox in December…. But how do you create a holiday card to send to your families that is easy to do but unique to YOU and your family? Loryn Engelbrecht, owner of Loryn Design brings us these 5 simple tips.

How important is brand continuity for your business?

Brand continuity is so important – not only for consistency, but for recognition. Joining us to test our knowledge is Loryn Engelbrecht, Owner of Loryn Design.   

5 ways to make your brand pop on social media

There are so many things we think we should be doing when it comes to social media marketing, but it can be confusing and overwhelming.

5 steps to elevate your website

It's not enough to just HAVE a website, but it must be optimized to get the best return on your investment!

The top 3 marketing items your brand needs

It’s easy to say you should put your business logo on everything, but if you have a limited budget and time, how do you choose what to focus on?

Building your online brand

Three steps (plus a bonus!) on how to embed your authentic self into your online presence!

Learn your color personality

Color is all around us – but did you know it can have an impact on our moods, emotions, and personalities? Loryn Engelbrecht, owner of Loryn Design, joined us to tell us what colors say about us and how we can use them purposefully to brighten our lives.

Celebrate your brand in 2018

While the spending wanes after the holidays, take this time to revamp your personal pages.

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