Patrick Berry

Patrick Berry, born and raised in Westfield, joined the Mass Appeal team in January 2020. He was born and raised in Westfield, MA and attended St. Mary’s parish schools and Holyoke Community College.  He moved to New York City in 1990 and studied at the City University of New York, Bernard Baruch College. Patrick spent 13 years living in NYC where he advanced in the national television advertising field.

He returned to Westfield in 2003 with his wife Mimi and their two daughters, Maura and Courtney. Once here, he worked as sales manager at WGGB abc40, and then for the television ratings company Nielsen.  He later became president and owner of The Westfield News Group until selling the media outlets in the summer of 2019. As president and owner of The Westfield News Group, Patrick hosted a two-hour weekly radio show on WSKB 89.5FM which was also simulcast on WCPC-TV.

His wealth of experience and localism makes him a fresh and exciting addition to Mass Appeal.   

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