To mark this year’s 50th anniversary of the unveiling of the Audi Asso di Picche concept, Volkswagen Group-owned Italdesign, which penned the original, has unveiled a modern interpretation.

It’s called the Asso di Picche In Movimento, and for now remains a digital design only.

The original Asso di Picche, the name meaning “Ace of Spades” in Italian, was based on the platform of the original Audi 80 and commissioned by Karmann, a former contract manufacturer that often built niche models such as coupes and convertibles for other automakers, including several from the VW Group.

The concept featured a distinct wedge-shaped body, a design cue that would be adopted by multiple automakers, including Lancia and the DeLorean Motor Company, as well as Audi for its Quattro coupe.

Audi Asso di Picche conceptAudi Asso di Picche conceptAudi Asso di Picche conceptAudi Asso di Picche conceptAudi Asso di Picche conceptAudi Asso di Picche concept

Like the original concept, the modern Asso di Picche is a coupe with 2+2 seating. However, it’s imagined as shedding the original’s gas engine in favor of an electric powertrain. It would also feature aluminum body panels and windows made from polycarbonate. These would be combined in a way that results in almost seamless surfaces that no doubt would aid aerodynamic efficiency.

For the interior, the two cylindrical components that formed the dash of the original concept have been reinterpreted as a thin screen that can be rolled up or unrolled as needed, according to Italdesign. Above the passenger compartment is a single panel that spans the roof and front and rear windshields. It would be treated like polarized sunglasses to filter out UV rays.

Italdesign hasn’t said whether there are any further plans for the Asso di Picche In Movimento concept beyond its digital design.

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