Binational health: Mexican Consulates to provide public medical services all month long

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SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Mexican Consulates throughout the U.S. has partnered with federal, state and local government agencies, community-based organizations and thousands of volunteers to conduct a series of health and education activities to launch the 21st edition of Binational Health Week.

At the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, services will include workshops, insurance referrals, vaccination campaigns and medical screenings, some services will be offered online.

Consulate officials said the main objective is to foster the health of the Hispanic and Latino population in the United States, increasing their access to medical services available in the area and improve healthcare coverage. 

Mexico’s Consulate in San Diego. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

“Regardless of migratory status or if they don’t have insurance, we help them navigate the system so they can find a medical home, we do it throughout the year in particular doing binational health week,” said Carlos González Gutiérrez, Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego.

Carlos González Gutiérrez is Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

González Gutiérrez stated services offered range from COVID-19 vaccinations to flu shots to glucose and cholesterol screenings. Even free reading glasses are available to those who might need them.

Blood pressure and HIV detection will also be provided as well as referrals for psychiatric care.

“Fortunately, the Mexican Consulate has a very strong network of partners that allows us to provide these services.”

While the services are part of the “bi-national health week,” González Gutiérrez says they will be available weekday mornings throughout the month of October.

“You don’t need an appointment, you don’t need to be Mexican national, American national or be a legal
resident or whatever this is regardless of your immigration status it’s completely free, all our services are free.

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