JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – Juarez has opened yet another emergency shelter to deal with the high number of Venezuelan migrants expelled from the United States, as well as daily new arrivals from Southern Mexico.

The new Juntos por los Niños (Together for the Children) shelter will accommodate only families with small children who have no other place to stay in Juarez, said Oscar Ibanez, the ranking Chihuahua state official in the city.

“We want to protect the children from the cold weather of the past few nights, and also bring in their parents,” Ibanez said. “We know, from the bishop of Juarez who is in the National Mobility Board, that many migrants are making their way through Mexico still, but we don’t know if they’re coming to Juarez or going to another (Mexican) border city.”

The walled and fenced-off shelter is in the Bella Vista neighborhood near Downtown Juarez, which is within sight of the Rio Grande. Many Venezuelans who over the weekend set up a tent encampment on the banks of the river refused to move to shelters for fear of being moved away from the border or bused to Mexico City.

Juarez officials said on Monday they already persuaded several families from the camp or who were wandering through Downtown to move to the Juntos por los Niños refuge.

City officials will also continue to operate the emergency shelter in the San Lorenzo neighborhood to house mostly single adults from Venezuela and other countries who are expelled by the U.S. under the Title 42 public health order.

Juarez during the week of Oct. 12 received a daily average of 200 expelled migrants. Ibanez said that number has dropped to between 60 and 70 as the number of Venezuelans attempting to cross into the U.S. without authorization drastically diminished after the Biden administration designated them for Title 42 expulsion 13 days ago.