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Introducing Nuvivy: A Wellness Retreat Company on a Mission to Rejuvenate and Empower

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Idaho’s Newest Wellness Retreat Company Officially Launches with Their First Burnout Retreat

I want to see others succeed and that often requires a time of pulling back, resting, and gaining clarity. Our first retreat weekend, we will get intentional about ‘relax, rebalance, and reset.”
— Renee Howe, Nuvivy Co-founder

BOISE, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Nuvivy, an Idaho-based wellness retreat company, is proud to announce its official launch and first retreat weekend. Nuvivy is committed to fostering personal growth and transformation by providing immersive retreat experiences designed to educate, support, and empower individuals.

The name "Nuvivy" itself embodies the company's vision, with "Nuv" symbolizing the idea of something "new" and "Vivi" derived from the Latin word for "alive" and "lively." Nuvivy encapsulates the essence of rejuvenation, vitality, and embracing a renewed sense of self.

Co-founder, Paula Barthelmess, shares, “It all started when a group of us mental health professionals realized that even within our own specialties, we each pinpointed common themes when working with clients. For example, burnout, poor stress management, and strained relationships. We wanted to take a different approach in helping individuals, especially young professionals, break these negative habits and instead learn healthy long-term life skills.”

While Nuvivy plans to provide a variety of retreat events, they specialize in burnout retreats, which is also the topic of their very first retreat weekend. Nuvivy announced its first retreat is set to take place at Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho from November 9th to November 12th. This groundbreaking retreat — titled "Interventions to Relax, Rebalance, and Reset: Tackling Burnout in the Mental Health Arena” — will provide participants an immersive experience where they will learn essential strategies to combat burnout and rejuvenate their mental well-being amidst the serene backdrop of McCall's natural beauty.

When asked about their first retreat, Nuvivy Co-founder Renee Howe says, “Honestly, I'd rather call them ‘resets’ because I don't actually think most attendees are really looking for a retreat, but a time to reset. And that is why they are so important and I am passionate about Nuvivy. I want to see others succeed and that often requires a time of pulling back, resting, and gaining clarity. Our first retreat weekend, we will get intentional about ‘relax, rebalance, and reset.’”

Key Highlights of Nuvivy's Wellness Retreats
- Career-Centric Renewal: Nuvivy's career-focused retreats provide participants with valuable insights, tools, and strategies to reignite their professional lives. Whether you're looking to improve work-life balance, enhance your leadership skills, or simply in need of a fresh perspective, Nuvivy's expert facilitators will guide you towards achieving your goals.

- Relationship Reconnection: In a time where relationships often take a back seat, Nuvivy's retreats focus on strengthening the bonds shared with loved ones. Learn more about meaningful connections, enhance communication skills, and deepen your relationships during these immersive experiences.

- Self-Care and Mindfulness: Nuvivy understands the importance of self-care and offers wellness retreats that focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Participants can relax and rejuvenate while learning practical techniques for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

- Burnout Recovery: In an increasingly demanding world, burnout has become a major issue. Nuvivy's burnout retreats provide a safe space for individuals to address burnout symptoms, regain their energy, and develop resilience. These retreats combine expert guidance with relaxation techniques to help participants regain their zest for life.

Barthelmess shares, "We want to change the way people view retreats. It’s not just a quick weekend getaway before returning to your normal chaotic life, although yes, we do love the chance to get away! What we focus on at our retreats goes beyond temporary relaxation. It’s more about investing in an educational experience that can completely shift your mindset in the long run. We started Nuvivy to transform lives for the better.”

Those interested in the “Interventions to Relax, Rebalance, and Reset: Tackling Burnout in the Mental Health Arena” retreat can get more information here. To learn more about Nuvivy and to explore other upcoming retreats, please visit nuvivy.com.

About Nuvivy:
Founded by a group of therapists and coaches, Nuvivy is a wellness company dedicated to providing exceptional educational retreats that help each participant to relax, rebalance, and reset. They offer a range of immersive retreat experiences, covering critical topics like burnout, mental health, relationships, stress management, work-life balance, and more. Nuvivy is on a mission to inspire individuals to find balance and start anew.

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