CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) While we still have a few weeks until Christmas, now’s the time many people start getting serious about wrapping-up their holiday shopping.

Some people are already done, others are just getting started, and some haven’t started yet.
Whether you’re looking for the latest in tech, toys or appliances shoppers suggest to start sooner rather than later As supply chain Issues continue to impact the availability of products on store shelves this holiday season.

“You never know if like maybe you’re like it should still be here and maybe it was one time I’ll get it another time and then you come back later kind of at the last minute and it isn’t there. That could happen,” said Kylee Schumaker from Wilbraham.

Experts also advise online shoppers to order items early to avoid any potential shipping delays during this time of the year. The earlier you send out your package, the more likely you are to avoid higher shipping costs.