(WWLP) – According to reports from CNBC, the U.S. dollar is up 18-percent. This is good news for tourists, but bad news for investors.

With the U.S. dollar up travelers are getting more for their foreign money, however with this jump, the foreign revenue is shrinking bringing in fewer earnings for people investing internationally. CNBC says when foreign investments are made the value of the foreign dollar can translate into fewer U.S. dollars.

They’re also saying about 30 percent of the revenues in the S and P 500 come from overseas, hurting international investors portfolio because they are not getting the benefits from the national markets. CNBC says making major adjustments to your portfolio might not be the best decision but there are a few small adjustments that can be made.

Including, shifting some disbursements to small or midsize companies, bolstering holdings in sectors of the economy, and buying funds that follow “currency hedged” versions of international stock indexes. As a reminder it is always important to speak with a financial advisor before making any changes to your investments