AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – A new community partnership is prioritizing the well-being of pets, Yankee Mattress Company in Agawam has teamed up with Dakin Humane Society to offer free, custom-made pet beds.

“The top layer of all of our mattresses is really a high-quality comforter layer. Those comforters come in rolls and so when we’re finished making our beds at the end of the roll there’s always excess material,” said Adam Miller, President of Yankee Mattress Company.

One employee thought that material, which used to just be discarded, could go to better use.

“That we should take that material and cut it down into smaller panels, we could then use as dog beds,” said Adam Miller, President of Yankee Mattress Company.

They then decided on donating rather than selling the repurposed mattresses and selecting Dakin as the recipient was a no-brainer.

“The care that they put into caring for all of the animals that come into their shelter is truly unbelievable,” said Adam Miller, President of Yankee Mattress Company.

These pet beds are brought to Dakin on an as-needed basis and are especially helpful for pets being fostered and adopted.

“It’s very important for animals to have their own scent on something. If animals are in foster homes and they have the same bedding that again has their smell on them, it just makes them more relaxed,” Lee Chambers of Dakin Humane Society expressed.

The beds are made into varying sizes, depending on if they’ll be going to kittens or cats or different-sized dogs.

“We know that the animal is going to have ultimate comfort, this is high-quality materials that they use for their bedding,” Lee Chambers of Dakin Humane Society.

Generally, beds should be large enough for pets to lie down comfortably and placed in a dry and clean, draught-free, quiet place. Dakin provides these kinds of tips year-round to create an ideal home for pets for both those who foster and adopt.

“It’s possible to be able to take advantage of the resources we have to make an adoption even more complete and make the pet successful in their new home which is what we’re all about,” Lee Chambers of Dakin Humane Society.

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