EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have a dog, you know that caring for them can be expensive.

The average dog owner typically spends somewhere from $20 to $60 per month on food and treats. These food expenses vary based on factors like the size, energy level, and age of the dog- but also on the quality of the food.

Nowadays many people are willing to spend more to give their pets better quality nourishment.

“The customers are here for their pets, they want to get the best quality food they can. They are getting more educated, they are looking for more upscale brands. Their pets are their babies, so as they get more educated they learn to read the ingredients on the back and that’s very important looking for quality ingredients and not the byproducts like the corn and the wheat,” said Vera Tosoni, who buys pet food at AW Brown’s.

As people see the difference that better food can make for their pets, they’re willing to invest in whatever it takes to keep their dogs as happy and healthy as possible.

“I wouldn’t buy myself all filler type food and carbs and everything, I try not to. So I want to do the same for my dog. So I’d rather invest like that,” said Linda Lapine of Springfield.

A.W. Brown’s Pet & Garden told 22News that they’re happy to answer any questions as to which food suits your dog the best.

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