CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – August 8th is a day to celebrate one of the world’s most favorite pets.

International Cat Day was created by International Fund for Animal Welfare back in 2002, according to the National Day Calendar. Studies have shown that having a cat can help to lower stress, anxiety, and even depression, and having a cat in your home can also help reduce the risk of heart disease in high-risk individuals. Cats can even help fight mental illness. 

Cats from 22News viewers:

Daily Paws has listed some fun and interesting facts about cats, such as:

  • The Egyptian Mau is considered the fastest domestic cat because they are able to sprint up to 30 mph.
  • Not all kitties go crazy for catnip as most scientists believe this is an inherited trait.
  • Since 1994, different types of Persians have won Best in Show at the CFA International Cat Show a whopping 17 times.
  • Contrary to popular belief, cats are highly trainable with positive reinforcement methods. They can learn an extensive repertoire of skills and tricks and even walk on a leash.
  • Cats are scientifically proven freeloaders. While many animals prefer to “work” for their food, even when there is a free food option, cats do not.
  • Cats have excellent distance vision but objects up close can be blurry. So when playing with your cat, it’s good to keep toys further back so they can see the prey.
  • Some behavior experts believe that cats vocalize over 20 distinct sounds with various meanings.
  • A feline’s body has more than 500 muscles and over 200 bones. There are approximately 23 bones just in their tail.
  • The average healthy kitty can jump several feet high and wide. Waffle the Warrior Cat is the current Guinness World Record holder, reaching a laudable leap of 7 feet.
  • Cats spend about 15–20 hours every day resting or sleeping.

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