SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A disabled advocate for the hungry continued his statewide journey in a wheelchair visiting the St. John’s food pantry in Springfield.

Hunger in Massachusetts has doubled since the coronavirus pandemic began and one in eight children don’t get enough to eat. That’s the grim message humanitarian Mark Roberts brought to Springfield Monday.

Traveling in his wheelchair accompanied by his dog Mocha, Mark Roberts arrived at St. John’s William N. DeBerry Education Center on Union Street urging people to support the food pantries in their city or town.
Roberts saw the need for food in this inner city community first hand.

“It highlights this wonderful food pantry that is providing service to this community and the other thing it shows, that pandemic hunger is real and needs to be addressed.” Mark Roberts, 4Paws 4Wheels 4Hunger

“Hunger in Massachusetts has doubled, one in eight kids don’t get enough to eat. People need to know that, any they need to reach out and help their neighbors.” Mark Roberts, 4Paws 4Wheels 4Hunger

“Our food pantry works off the donations from the community, from local stores and the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.” Kathy Henry, Administrator/Director at St John’s food pantry

Mark Roberts accompanied by his dog, Mocha is in the midst of visiting 45 Massachusetts communities bringing the message to donate to local food pantries. To donate visit 4hunger.org.

Seeing such need here in Springfield, Mark Roberts prays that those who can give to help the food banks. 22News said goodbye to Mark Roberts and Mocha as they resumed the next phase of their statewide journey to help those in need of nourishment.