SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)–Since the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repeatedly deemed the water supply safe.

Professor Katherine Schlef, a professor at Western New England University, said the EPA is already familiar with the type of chemical that was spilled in the derailment and knows what to look for.

That contaminant from that spill is vinyl chloride. While you do not want to find it in your drinking water, water suppliers have been testing for that type of contaminant for some time and have to do so regularly to meet E-P-A standards.

Professor Schlef said there are also simple equations that can identify how far or how fast a contaminant can spread. She says it would be incredibly unlikely for any contaminant from the derailment to reach our area. If people have concerns, they can request the annual report from their water supplier.

“You can go and look that report online, you can get it either by email or mail,” said Schlef. “So if you’re interested in the quality of your water look at that look at the contaminant, the testing and look at how safe your water is.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is calling for new regulations regarding rail safety including the use of new inspection technologies; phase in new, safer tank cars; and notifying state emergency officials in advance if hazardous gas is being transported through their state.

The EPA and Norfolk Southern Railroad have tested air quality in homes and the municipal water supply and found them safe.