SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With extreme heat, people who take prescription drugs need to be aware of some of the potentially dangerous side effects, including the impact this type of weather can have on your medications.

On its own, a prescription drug can be damaged by the heat. Additionally, if you are taking a medication, your body’s ability to fight-off the dangerous effects of the intense sun and high heat could be limited.

Some prescriptions inadvertently limit your body’s response to hot weather, while the high temperatures can damage pills and decrease their effectiveness.

First, make sure to store your medications in a cool, dry place, particularly on days where extreme heat is expected. Some drugs, including life-saving medications such as insulin and epi-pens, can degrade in high temperatures.

Second, if you take medication for high blood pressure or any antihistamines, decongestants, or psychiatric medication such as anti-depressants, know that those drugs can cause heat intolerance by limiting your body’s natural responses, such as perspiration. They can also affect your fluid balance.

Antibiotics can make you more sensitive to the sun, increasing the likelihood of sunburn or rashes.

If you are unsure whether the sun and heat have an effect on a medication you are using, consult with your doctor.