SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Pediatricians at Baystate Hospital say they are seeing an influx of patients with the flu and parents of sick children need to watch for dehydration.

Baystate seeing an increase of children testing positive for the flu and an increase in calls from concerned parents. Many children this time of year exhibit flu-like symptoms, so it can be difficult to determine when they need medical care. The Chief of Pediatrics at Baystate said flu symptoms are usually more severe than those of the common cold and come with higher fevers and more lethargy. Most of these symptoms can be treated at home, but there are times to reach out to your pediatrician.

“If they’re slowing down on their peeing, if you are worried about that, they are not drinking as much they’re just kind of achy and feeling miserable try as best you can to push fluids. But if you think they’re not peeing as much good time to call your pediatrician,” John O’Reilly Chief of General Pediatrics, Baystate Medical Center told 22News.

Other times to contact your pediatrician include if your child is having trouble breathing, extreme fatigue, or has a fever lasting longer than five days and is not responding to over the counter medication. The doctor noted that honey is a great tool for soothing sore throats and that babies six months and older are eligible for the flu shot.

And doctors say that if your child is sick now is not the time to stick to nutrition. Give them the popsicles, give them the ice cream, give them the Jell-O, anything that will keep them fed and hydrated.