SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hospitals from coast to coast stretched thin Friday night as the triple-demic continues to run rampant. Cases and concerns also on the rise here in Western Massachusetts.

RSV, COVID-19 and the Flu. Health experts are calling it the triple threat. Which has some people thinking twice and bringing back pre pandemic practices ahead of the holidays.

All three viruses are circulating quickly. About 26,000 people were admitted to hospitals with the flu during the first week of December, an increase of 32%. in comparison to the week before.

“It’s all the same to me it’s all one big ball of wax that’s what it is. So I’m concerned about all three,” said Marc Richardson from Wilbraham.

According to CNBC, public health officials have said many people are probably more vulnerable to flu and RSV this year because they weren’t infected the past two years, which means their immunity is lower. So Families are trying to stay as up to date on vaccinations as possible as they prepare to host for the holidays.

“I think everybody is going to do what they can do with seeing family. It’s been something people haven’t be able to do for the last couple of years and it’s a balance of good and bad isn’t it? But bringing family together is really important,” Harrison Williams from England told 22News.

“Well I have grand children and around this time of the year you know they always come around and they are not vaccinated because they are too young,” Marc Richardson from Wilbraham said.

About 80% of hospital beds are currently occupied in the U.S. With about 48,000 admissions per day on average. Local residents thinks that many people will return to masking and distancing
this holiday season as these three illnesses continue to threaten adults and children.

Public health experts encourage people to practice healthy habits like washing your hands regularly, disinfecting surfaces and staying home if you’re feeling sick.