SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – During February vacation week, the MLK Family Services Inc. youth center changed their remote learning program to more traditional school fun for Black History Month.

“Personally I feel Black history should be celebrated every month but I think what made it different this week was we’ve been spending so much time Zooming for school on the computer, let’s do what we usually do and get some stuff done with our hands,” Shantea Lopez, Interim Education Director for the youth center told 22News.

The children on February break revisited important historical Black figures past and present.

“What I liked about it is that it was from Martin Luther King Jr. and he was trying to make things fair and make racists go away,” MLK Jr. Family Services learner, Jayden Maxam told 22News.

“I like to see that there was a lot of things that were wrong and all these people or some of these people are not as recognized as other people but they also helped, MLK Jr. Family Services learner, David Tavarez told 22News.

The children created bulletin boards with inspiring information about figured they admire to display around the youth and community center. “My favorite project was I can dream,” MLK Jr. Family Services learner, A’nysha told 22News.

Each grade group created a different themed door for Black History Month for a competition and when the judges came around they decided everyone was a winner.

“I like the activities we do here,” MLK Jr. Family Services learner, Jaylanni Dehoyos told 22News.

Keeping their social distance, the children finished posters that showed how they fit into Black History Month. Writing words such as “greatness,” and “loved,” onto posters.

Lopez said the children put their heart and soul into each project.