SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Colleges here in the Pioneer Valley have made it possible for an accelerated variety of Black History Month programs to reach more and more grade school children.

The Springfield College Flynn Campus Union played host to a read-in on Friday, treating second graders from elementary schools across Springfield to the lessons contained in a book written by an African-American author. The presence of these children on the college campus served as an example of the schools of higher learning, becoming an integral part of the Black History Month commitment.

“This is our fifth year, but this is the first time we have been able to bring students to campus. So, I was leading students in a yoga session, rounded off with a book written by a Black author, we have small group reading with the students, we’re feeding them lunch,” said Stephanie Logan, the Springfield College Education Department Chair.

As director of the department, Logan’s partial to the importance of stressing literature as a means of helping develop these young minds. Imparting Black history through the words of its author.

“Literature is important, and children’s literature is a great tool to help all children have windows into the lives of others, but also for children to be able to see reflections of themselves through the images and through the story,” Logan said.

Some 200 second graders from from Deberry, Brookings, Glenwood, Lincoln and Zanetti elementary schools attended on Thursday. For Springfield College, this is the fifth year the school has participated in a Black History Month program.