HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce held a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The theme was: Diversity, equality, and inclusion.

The event was held on Friday at Holyoke Community College Adult and Family Education Center with Eduardo Crespo, CEO of Hispanic Market Solution, as the keynote speaker. The seminar included insight into the Hispanic community and how it can be better served and understood as a part of Holyoke’s culture and community.

Jordan Hart, executive director of the Chamber stated, “Eduardo is a successful immigrant entrepreneur that has owned four companies and knows the Massachusetts Hispanic market very well. His presentation will present actionable takeaways that will help our members and business community in general to welcome Hispanics as clients, employees, and providers of services.”

Hart explained that they want to unite Holyoke’s Irish roots with today’s Hispanic community, “I think for me it’s really important serving a community that is prominently a Hispanic population, a lot of our businesses in the community are Hispanic-owned, and [with] a systemically white organization like the chamber to become more understanding of our community, their values, and how we can better market one another, cross-pollinate, and just become a stronger business community as a whole.”

Hart also told 22News they hope to make this an annual event.