Thirty-three women met at the Springfield YWCA in support of acting Springfield Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood. 

The event on Thursday was all about women supporting women and celebrating Commissioner Clapprood and also Women’s History Month.

Thirty-three women who are leaders in their careers and the community came together to offer words of support and encouragement for Commissioner Clapprood. 

It was held at the Young Women’s Christian Association because the organization’s mission is to empower women.

Commissioner Clapprood said she is honored to be supported especially during this time. 

“This is truly an honor and I’m so appreciative of the YWCA and Liz Dineen for doing this for me and it comes at a good time where I kind of need a little boost,” said acting Commissioner Clapprood.

All of the women at the event were excited to see another woman of power leading in Springfield. 

Commissioner Clapprood has served as a Springfield Police officer for 39 years.