In honor of Women’s History Month, 22News spotlights Yashire Soto-Perez, a local fitness instructor who inspires women in her community to become fit and healthy.

Three years ago Soto-Perez, otherwise known as “Boss Lady,” decided she wanted to help women get healthy, get fit, and get inspired.

Boss Lady Fit in Springfield began in local parks in 2016 inviting the community to join workouts with Yashire Soto-Perez.

As the crowds started to grow, Soto-Perez knew she needed a place of her own to offer classes, “To me the biggest message is feeling strong, like any women that don’t feel good about themselves, like getting them to feel good, like getting them to feel motivated and to feel strong, that their happy in their own skin.”

Soto-Perez told 22News, as these women’s bodies transform their self-esteem goes up, and for some, inspiring them to become instructors themselves.

Just as Soto-Perez became inspired by one of her own instructors, who now works at Boss Lady Fit.

Migdalys Sanchez, an Instructor at Boss Lady Fit said, “When you are able to inspire someone and seeing that they are doing even better than you now and I inspired her and now I work for her. So that part that she saw that I can be a part of her team makes me feel like you can accomplish something in life.”

Together, Soto-Perez and Sanchez teach a variety of classes like Zumba, Insanity to P90X. 

Soto-Perez told 22News, at Boss Lady Fit its all about women empowering women, “I’m always about just like telling women how amazing they are because I don’t think they’re told that on a daily basis and they need to know that. Women are powerful. We need to continue to impact our community and to continue to grow and just come together. “

Soto-Perez said she’s looking to expand her business with the help of inspired instructors.