The group, Unchained at Last, wants to ban child marriages across the country, and they’re setting their sights on Massachusetts during this legislative session.  

A half-dozen women representing Unchained at Last said more than 1,100 children as young as 14 were married in Massachusetts between 2000 and 2014. 

Most of those marriages were between older men and underage girls.

These protesters are urging state lawmakers to support house bill 14 -78 which would raise the minimum age of marriage in Massachusetts from 16 to 18, regardless of parental consent.

“There’s no opposition, there’s no push back, what we need is legislators to understand this is an urgent matter, it’s a human rights abuse that destroying girls lives. Girls lives are at stake,” Fraidy Reiss, of Unchained at Last, said.

Underage marriage survivors shared their stories with lawmakers to prove that the problem still exists, and they said it will continue unless this bill is not signed into law this session. 

The group ended their protest by marching to the governor’s office where they asked him to support the ban as well.