SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – This three mile drive-through, with 675 thousand LED lights, is a local favorite. Come rain snow or sleet people gather from near and far to partake in the holiday merriment together and start the season right.

For many here in the valley a drive through Bright Nights at Forest Park is a must do to kick off and celebrate the holiday season.

“Every year we come here to celebrate Christmas and we also come here to spend time with family,” Emma Courtney from Wilbraham told 22News.

“It’s the lights and half way through you get to stop and have hot chocolate there’s always something different something new whether it’s shopping or a sleigh ride,” remarked Gary Mckinstry from Norway, Maine.

Gary and his wife Virgina are seasoned Bright Nights goers and they believe its important to stop and celebrate as a family and as a community regardless of the weather.

“Fog rain snow it’s pretty it doesn’t matter it lights up the whole sky the kids are laughing you know it’s just nice to see everybody so happy and enjoying the season. Take a moment to stop and enjoy the holidays it’s a great kick off of the season,” said Virginia.

“Just all the people and the festivities and the lights. Fun things for the kids to do stuff like. It’s the most wonderful place to come,” Mark Stevens from Winter Haven, Florida.

Since 1995, the park has welcomed more than six million visitors people coming from not only western Massachusetts but from places like California, Maine and even Florida. And this year Bright Nights as forest park is eager to welcome everyone back to celebrate together once again.