How to properly gift a pet this holiday season

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CLINTON, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – As we approach the holiday season, Vice President of Spring Farm Cares Dawn Hayman explains how to properly gift a pet this season.

“It is crucial when you’re looking to give a cat or a dog or any kind of animal as a gift for Christmas that the person actually wants it and is prepared to have it,” said Hayman.

Dawn highly recommends that you get your loved one a gift certificate and allow them to pick out the animal of their choice themselves.

“That’s really critical to see if the person and the animal really bond. sometimes people give animals as pets and its not a fit for that family or that person and that becomes a problem,” said Hayman.

Another problem people are faced with when receiving an animal as a gift is they do not fully understand how to take care of their new pet.

“Its very important for people to understand the animals they’re getting, understand their needs. They don’t realize the money it takes to take care of them so know all of those things going in,” said Hayman.

Dawn says that those looking to get a pet this holiday season should adopt from a shelter, and if you feel you cannot take care of an animal, relinquishing it to a shelter is the safest option.

“The shelters right now are struggling  because everybody has way to many animals there aren’t enough homes so one of the biggest things people can do to help is adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue because that frees up a space for somebody that really needs help to get that animal in,” said Hayman.

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