(WWLP) – Christmas is now three weeks away, and many are checking gifts off of their Christmas lists.

Holiday shopper, Tristin Ralph told 22News, “We have started our holiday hopping probably a little early but I am pretty sure everyone is doing that.”

This year many shoppers are avoiding that holiday panic and purchasing their holiday gifts as soon as possible. 22News spoke to some shoppers who encouraged others to shop now.

“We are physically going out and shopping and stuff I know that probably this year if you buy something online it probably wont get here in time,” added Ralph.

With so many setbacks many popular gift items are limited or out of stock already.

“Yeah you are not going to find what you want especially right now,” said Cayenne Riiska.

While Julia Robak stated, “Just trying to get things before there is none left.”

Christmas is only three weeks away and people are avoiding shipping delays and supply chain shortages by shopping early. A lot of companies like Amazon and local post offices are often overworked during this time.

“Amazon and the online world, those people physically have a lot going on with the demand so go out with your loved earlier in the year and do you shopping now,” added Ralph.

If you don’t want to shop in store you can shop online but supply chain shortages are causing delays across the board. A shopper told 22News that she has already experienced a delay.

Samantha Robak shared with us, “Yeah so I’ve already looked a few products and they are expecting delays and everything. And I ordered one product and the shipping date has already passed.”

Don’t delay and get all of your shopping done as soon as possible.