WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We have three days until Christmas and with that clock ticking people were out Thursday looking for just the right gift for their loved ones.

With this being the homestretch for holiday shopping customers said they are wrapping up the season with the final few gifts.

“It’s a little intense but I like it. I like being the last-minute guy.” Roy Weaver from Springfield had one final gift left on his list, it was for his wife. “It’s a secret right now I don’t want to give it away.”

Another man who lives for a deadline is Eric Nunes from West Springfield, but not this year. The person he’s most excited to watch open gifts this year? “My daughter, she’s five. Very happy with Christmas. She loves Christmas.”

While Amanda Colon from Springfield may love Christmas, holiday shopping is not her favorite. “Crowds, it’s crazy, the lines, the traffic. It’s just too much. I always do the stockings last and I’m finally finished with the stockings. He was actually the hardest so I’m happy with that.

A busy parking lot at the Riverdale Shops but that’s not stopping shoppers from finding the perfect holiday gift.

But the holidays are not just about finding the perfect gift. “It’s just one of those holidays and you give back and you get together with the family. It’s just a special day.” Roy Weaver of Springfield

If you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping, you may want to factor Friday’s weather into your search.