WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – This storm could cause major disruptions as people travel for the Christmas weekend.

It’s certainly an inconvenient time for a storm to hit the region, and with an estimated 7 million people flying to holiday celebrations this weekend, it could cause some major issues.

“I think if we were flying out Friday that would be a little more concerning, but the airport’s great and there’s no lines and we’re pleasantly surprised,” said Eric Harrison.

Many major airlines have already started issuing travel waivers due to the incoming storm. Including United, JetBlue, American, and Delta all supplying waivers for travelers flying on certain dates at Bradley International Airport.

Many airlines call these the “Northeast Winter Weather fee waiver.” Airlines are waving change fees and fair differences. Check with the airline you’re using to determine the specifics of their policies. For example, if you’re flying JetBlue, the waivers are valid during travel dates from December 22nd to December 23rd. Rebooking must be completed by Sunday, December 25th.

Certain waivers will only be applicable to those flying through cities in the Northeast. In addition to the poor weather conditions, it’s already a busy time of year at airports. Airports are expected to be packed with people flying to their holiday destinations right as this storm moves in.

Airlines are doing what they can to get ahead of the chaos before it begins. AAA had predicted a 14 percent increase in air travel over last year’s holiday. Travel experts are also advising travelers to pack light. Even if you make it to your holiday destinations it doesn’t mean your luggage will. A carry-on is the best option. If you’re bringing gifts keep them unwrapped or use a gift back, as everything will need to get through TSA.

Make sure you check your flight status before leaving for home and give yourself plenty of time! If you’re thinking about changing your flight best to act now. The longer you wait the fewer options you’ll have.

“Having gotten through a smooth Thanksgiving week including the busiest travel day since before COVID, things went so well. But this time around, unfortunately, it’s not going to be as smooth because of this weather,” said Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation.

Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed at the Denver International Airport due to severe weather. The storm system is expected to bring the coldest air Colorado has experienced since 1990, with wind chill as cold as 60 degrees below zero across the eastern plains of Colorado.

22News spoke with travelers heading down south who were happy to be heading out early and beating the incoming weather.

“Yeah, heading down to Miami. Definitely made proper arrangements to be there in the morning and avoid the storm and for those staying back, definitely be cautious,” said Nathan Edelstein.

The worst of the weather is expected to hit western Massachusetts in the early morning hours of Friday.