Talking Turkey: How to pick the perfect bird for your holiday table

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(Mass Appeal) – It’s the centerpiece of many holiday meals, so it’s important it get it right. Brian Bailey from Diemand Farm joined us with expert tips on how to choose the most delicious turkey.

Bailey stated when you are trying to figure out how big of a bird to get, it’s best calculate for 1.5 lbs per person. Also consider the size of your oven; you may want to buy two smaller birds that will fit in the oven and cook faster than one large one. Bailey said a fresh bird usually has more flavor that a frozen bird because of water content. Speaking of flavor, heritage birds tend to be smaller, but can be a bit more flavorful than a regular bird. Bailey added this flavor can come with a steep price tag.

To thaw Bailey, said there are two options – one, put it in the fridge and give it a few days to thaw completely. The other is to put it in cold water, checking it and changing water regularly. Finally, Bailey stated that Tom Turkeys (male birds) are longer and have bigger legs and female turkeys tend to have more white meat.

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