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(WWLP) – Take a look at our news team photos of their pets!

Tamara Sacharczyk – Morning Anchor / I-Team Reporter

Meet Marley, better known as Mar-Mar, little man, or pup face!

I would like to point out that I named him BEFORE the movie “Marley and Me.” His name also shares no connection with Bob Marley, I just always thought the name was cute!

I spontaneously got Marley in high school, then conveniently went to Boston for college and left him with my parents, AKA his adopted parents.

We got him as a puppy, but the old man is now almost 10-years-old! (Everyone still thinks he’s a puppy.)

Mar-mar LOVES attention, and will let you scratch his belly for hours. He also loves going to the park and making new friends, even if that friend happens to be a very large German Shepard!

Marley is the love of my life, and can instantly put a smile on my face!

Ciara Speller – Evening Anchor

Bruno is a 2-year-old Shepherd/Retriever mix! He’s a rescue from Texas and was adopted when he was 3-months-old right in Springfield at Dakin. His name was always Bruno, but I did consider changing it to Storm. Glad I didn’t because he’s such a “Bruno.” The moment I saw him, I knew he would be the perfect new addition to our little family and my fur-ever friend! My Bruno boy is a big ball of energy who loves long walks and the beach (as you see pictured above)! He also enjoys watching the news with his mom and his favorite treats are bacon and cheese! My absolute favorite part of my day is being able to come home to this little guy and get smothered in puppy kisses!

Don Shipman – Evening Anchor / I-Team Reporter

Deacon – CAT
Deacon has been apart of the Shipman-Lawless family for 15 years! We found him when he was a kitten – hiding under a car, injured.
Thankfully he made a quick recovery and today coexists with our dog Bella perfectly. Well, perhaps the word “perfectly” is a bit overstated. He tolerates Bella 😻
When Deacon isn’t eating, you’ll find him relaxing in a sun-filled room.

Bella – DOG
My husband, Adam and I adopted Bella when she was 6 months old, 10 years ago. Bella was a Christmas and birthday gift for Adam. To say that Bella has a lot of energy is an understatement. She could play fetch 24/7! Add a lake to the equation – there’s no resting, no timeout! So that’s why we’ve nicknamed her Bella-Monster, though if you ask Adam she’s a angel all the time. 👼

Hayley Crombleholme – Reporter

Introducing: Toblerone A. Crombleholme. Toby, for short. The A stands for Anne, the middle name Toblerone, my mother, and myself all share (my mother has some strange ideas, what can I say). Somehow my older sister was not included in the Anne squad, but I digress…

Toblerone is a miniature poodle that packs a whole lot of personality into her little 9 pound body. When we welcomed Toblerone home, we thought about naming her coco for her chocolate color, but quite a few pups in the dog park seemed to have that name already. So Toblerone it was.

She’s so dark in fact, I’ve invested in lights to clip to her collar just so she doesn’t disappear on evening walks (see photo gallery, that’s how hard it is to spot her away from the steer lights!)

Toby loves playing with her lamb chop, and she’s obsessed with chasing the beams of light that get reflect and bounce off of jewelry or windows in the sun. The two of us share a few favorite pastimes, watching 22News, snoozing, and bothering my Little brother, Kye.

Taylor Knight – Reporter

My dog’s name is Chase, he is 11 years old.
He is a Great Pyrenees Husky mix. He’s a big fluff ball!
We rescued him when he was 10 weeks old. My sister wasn’t able to come with us to pick him out, so she got to pick his name instead!
Chase loves walks and vanilla ice cream more than anything in the world.

Nick Bannin – Meteorologist

Charlie was originally named “Herbert” and was featured on Pet Corner on 22News and that’s how I met him! The day after his on-air DEBUT I adopted him and changed his name to Charlie. I mostly named him Charlie because of the “Charlie bit my finger” viral YouTube video from back in the day.
He’s 7 years old and rather fluffy. We have matching dark grey couches so that his fur is less noticeable, but when he sits on the couch he blends in and sometimes it’s hard to tell he’s there.

Kelly Reardon – Meteorologist

Oscar is a 5-year-old Russian Blue cat I adopted from the ASPA when I was in my junior year in college in Florida. He’s the best because he grew up with a pitbull, so he basically thinks he’s a dog. He eats like a little monster, comes running when I come home, and makes these adorable noises when he sees things outside my window (his attempt at barking). He loves to cuddle!

Katrina Kincade – Digital Reporter

Daisy is four turning five on August 14th. She’s a rescue from MSCPA in Boston and I got her as a kitten. I named her after my favorite flower and Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. She knows a few tricks like jump and sit! 

Monica Ricci – Digital Reporter

Milli (Left 4 photos)
I rescued Milli from a dog sanctuary in Houston at about 2 years-old. We were warned that she was shy, but it was much more than that. She had never lived in a home and had very little human interaction. Over the last two years, Milli has learned how to bark, play with toys, and let people pet her. She still likes to do her own thing but now she’s a diva and is loving life! Loves: sleeping under the bed, bones, and cheddar goldfish. Barks at: school buses, doorbells, and anything that walks by the house.

Finn (Right 4 photos)
I rescued Finn at 8 months-old. He is from Georgia and is half jack russell, half mystery mix. He moved around to a couple of rescues with no luck before I found him and fell in love. Finn is now 4-years-old, and has never lost that puppy energy. Finn is my best friend and has been by my side through a deployment and two moves. Loves: his couch, parkour, and doggy daycare. Barks at: trucks, mailmen, and the Wheel of Fortune bell.

Danny New – Mass Appeal Host

This is my cat, Cokie! Wait, just checked I think he’s actually a dog. Cokie has been my best friend and brother since I was 11 years old, and he is now enjoying his retirement down south with my parents. We adopted him from a shelter in New Jersey, and his name derives from the Puerto Rican frog, coqui. In his spare time, Cokie enjoys napping, walking, and attempting architecture – also known as re-arranging the pillows on my parents’ bed.

Alanna Flood – Mass Appeal Host

These are my two kittens, Henry (left) and George (right), that I adopted less than a month ago from Dakin Humane Society in Springfield. Both litter mates found in Hampden, my family and I adopted them as “Spirit Cats”, who have had little interaction with humans and need extra attention and TLC. I am happy to report they have both come out of their shells and love to play  – especially with my two children.

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