SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We saw a boom in pet adoptions with the pandemic but lately, you’ll notice there are fewer animals on the adoption sites.

There were 20 pets for adoption on the Dakin Humane Society’s website Tuesday. But Karina King, the Director of Operations, said they only make up ten percent of the animals they are caring for.

It’s not because the website needs to be updated, it’s because King said many of the pets they’re able to take in need more help. From behavioral challenges to health problems to old age. It can take time to make sure a pet is ready for its new home.

“We have 200 dogs and cats”

Dakin Humane Society

“These days because the animals are much more complicated it takes a lot of investment in time and resources, behavioral care, and medical care before we can get them to that point.” Karina King Director of Operations at Dakin Humane Society

King said this is becoming more common recently but it wasn’t like this 15 years ago. Back then they were dealing with an overpopulation of cats and on the tail end of overpopulation for dogs.

“The population has changed thanks to spay/neuter so that the community is no longer producing more dogs and cats than the community needs because everybody who wants to have a pet should be able to have a pet.” Karina King Director of Operations at Dakin Humane Society

That has shifted the game in how Dakin describes itself as “at capacity”. From occupied cages to how many animals they can provide quality care for.

When it comes to what you can do? Fostering can be a big help.

“We provide the food, we provide the medication, we provide the veterinary care. You need to be able to bring them in for veterinary care when needed and take care of them at home and then tell us how they’re doing and get them ready for their next family.” King added if you can’t foster, you can always donate.