SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News explains how small animals make great pets, for first-time owners.

At Dakin Humane Society in Springfield, a rabbit, gerbil, or Guinea pig may be a more perfect fit for a child’s first-time experience bonding with a pet.

“It’s a good introductory pet. A lot of species are small, and easy for kids to handle. Guinea pigs are a perfect example. Small pets are surprisingly attractive.” Lee Chambers, Dakin Humane Society

You can communicate with these small, cuddly creatures, says Lee Chambers. Whatever your children bring to this relationship, communication quickly becomes a two-way street.

“All of these have personality, like rabbits, out of the cage once a day, a little run around time. If you don’t have to have a lot of room to have a dog and a cat, small pets will take up less room.” Lee Chambers, Dakin Humane Society

Obstacles that you might imagine to having a domestic rat as a pet are just that, imaginary. Because not only are these tiny animals attractive and gentle says Lee Chambers, they’re up for adoption right now.

“They get used to you, they want to hang out with you. When you’re watching TV, hop up on the couch, and just be part of the family.” Lee Chambers, Dakin Humane Society

The smallest of animals up for adoption at Dakin Humane Society in Springfield await the pleasure of your company and that of your children. For generations, animal lovers have believed that the company of a four-legged friend increases our humanity.