NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A veterinary hospital in Northampton has opened to treat pets in need of ultrasounds, urgent care, and medical conditions such as cancer.

Integrity Veterinary Center is located at 518 Pleasant Street in Northampton and offers appointments within one to three days for urgent care such as skin infections, new lumps, limping, vomiting, decreased appetite, or lethargy. The Integrity Veterinary Center also offers euthanasia and will support your pet’s end-of-life care.

Three veterinarians will be available to treat the specific level of care, Dr. Martha MaloneyHuss, Dr, Erika Mueller, and Dr. Claire Weigand.

“There has been a huge deficit across, honestly, all types of veterinary care but I feel like the area where we are really, really are lacking is those pets who have an urgent problem but it’s not the type of problem where they’d have to go to the emergency room,” said Dr. MaloneyHuss.

MaloneyHuss is hoping the urgent care provided will cut down on the time people will have to wait with their pets when going to an alternative option.

The center does not offer routine veterinary services such as wellness exams, vaccines, or emergency services for pets that need immediate treatment. If your pet is experiencing difficulty breathing, seizures, or serious injuries, an evaluation should be conducted at an emergency veterinary hospital.