(WWLP) – The scorching temperatures are expected to be the start of another heat wave. This weather isn’t just dangerous for us, but also our furry friends.

Staying hydrated is one way you can keep yourself safe, but is also one way you can keep your pet safe too.

Dogs and cats can overheat in this type of weather. If they have a thicker coat they can overheat at a faster rate than other animals. Unlike humans, pets can’t tell you when they are feeling unwell or if they are overheating. So it is important to know your pet. Depending on their age, gender, and activity level, they may have a harder time cooling down.

Megan O’Neill said, “We have ice cream treats for them, treats inside, always cold water. We keep our house very cool. We have 3-4 air conditioners running at all times. And luckily enough I am able to bring them to water to go swimming because you know we have the pond right here.”

Keeping your pet in a cool place and making sure they are going outside for limited amounts of time is a good way to make sure they aren’t overheating.