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Couple's massage techniques for Valentine's Day

Give the gift of relaxation this Valentine's Day!

We've got tips and techniques for an at-home massage with Leanne Sedlak is the Owner of SkinCatering Day Spa.

Study done by Northumbria University in England: Both partners saw improvement in physical & mental well-being, stress, mental clarity, mood, and relationship satisfaction after each massage session, and the effects remained even three weeks later (after the study).

Setting the ambiance:
 - doesn't have to be the typical candles, music, or even in the bedroom
- What is important is that the distractions are minimized: phones on airplane mode, tv either off or volume low, and can simply be sitting on the couch.

Massage & Communication:
-create a really nice DIY massage oil at home (a few different types of oil found in your home already that are good)
- You don't have to have a professional degree to give a massage that your partner can appreciate.
- Appreciate the massage at home from your partner for what it is - a relaxing way to express love & gratitude. If you're expecting your partner to get all the knots out, your expectations need to be adjusted. They aren't a professional but they DO love you to pieces!  Accept the moment as a relationship building time, and seek a professional massage therapist for the real work!

What to use for Massage at home:
- 'massage' doesn't have to be interpreted as full body massage!  A foot massage with a sugar scrub can be just as effective. i'll show a quick DIY sugar scrub & hot towel idea that can be used. If you co-host is willing, I will actually perform a quick foot massage on him to show how it's done.
- hand lotion/body butter that is awesome for doing a hand massage and a technique that allows couples to do a really nice hand to hand massage while chatting about their day.  "The Couples Pause" if you will. 

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