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DIY stained glass project

Morgan Laner, from the Center for EcoTechnology, showed us how to create a stained glass effect on an old window. 

-    Window
-    Dry-erase marker
-    Glue that dries clear
-    Food coloring
-    Water
-    Black paint
-    Newspaper
-    Paintbrush
-    Small bowls/cups

-    Prepare your space by cleaning the window and putting a layer of newspaper or tarp on the table
-    Use the dry-erase marker to draw your design. Referencing an online image can help!
-    Dilute the glue with a splash of water, then separate mixture into bowls. In each bowl, mix food coloring to create the desired colors for your stained glass.
-    Using a small paintbrush, paint your window with the glue mixture. Let dry completely.
-    Create the final stained glass effect by using the black paint to outline each section of 'glass' where the dry erase marker lines were.

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