Bring plants inside safely

Seth Stutman - CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  It's time to bring some plants inside, but how do we do it without hurting your favorite plants?  Shari Petrucci from the Western Mass Master Gardener Association showed us how.

Bringing Your Plants Indoors

For the summer I love to put my houseplants outside. They decorate my porches and walkways in their stunning pots, catching the eyes of the passer by. Now that the night time temperatures are setting between 45 to 50 degrees, it is time to bring your plants in. Follow these easy steps to ensure healthy indoor plants throughout the winter,


Gently hose down house plants and trees to rinse off dust and debris and little bugs.


Treat plants by spraying them with and insecticidal soap you can make with regular dish soap

diluted with water. Prune. Now detach any overgrowth and dead leaves and branches with clean cutting clippers.


A summer of watering has by now leached your plants soil. Repot the plants with fresh potting

soil. Do not use garden soil or compost because it is too heavy and will not drain water properly.

When you take the plants out of their pots, check the root system and prune if needed and

repot into a larger pot if the plant has truly outgrown.

Wash the pot with soap and water and rinse well before replanting.


Bring in your plants placing them in locations that will provide adequate lighting.


Now is the time to reduce the amount of water when feeding the plants. Overwatering will

produce thin long and lanky stems. Let the plant show you when it's time for water with stems'

just beginning to limp.

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