5 Big Website Mistakes You May Be Making…. & How to Fix Them!

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You may not realize that your website is a gigantic billboard overlooking the highway of your potential clients, and they will drive RIGHT past  if you aren’t putting TLC into your website. 

Loryn Engelbrecht is the Owner of Loryn Design and she joins us with more. 

As an entrepreneur or side hustlin’ 9-5er, you spend your days time crunchin’ and clock punchin’: it’s easy to feel like you just don’t have TIME to focus on the intricacies of your website…. You’re just happy to have SOMETHING up online! But you may not realize that your website is a gigantic billboard overlooking the highway of your potential clients… and they will drive RIGHT past you if you aren’t putting TLC into your website. Good news? Any of these mistakes are FIXABLE! And if you are going the DIY route, dedicating just an hour of your time to addressing each one will make a significant impact in your web traffic & the time your clients stay glued to your pages. Let’s nix these mistakes and get your clients making FULL STOPS for your business!

  1. “Your Audience? Who are they?” You just don’t know your audience..

When I asked people this question, 9 out of 10 will respond, “anyone who’ll give me money!”. While that’s technically true, yes, put yourself in this kind of scenario. You’re a children’s clothing designer. Is your audience the about-to-retire business professional who has no grandchildren OR people with children in his life? No. You offer chartered boating services in the ocean adjacent to where you live. Is your audience people who live 1000 miles away who have a severe fear of water? No. So, while these people COULD technically pay you… why waste your energy serving people who have no intention of purchasing your product or service?”

THE FIX: Get serious about WHO your ideal clients or customers are! When someone inquires with you about a service or product… how do you interact with them and speak to them? What do you share with them that solves a problem of theirs, or offers support? WHO are they? Where do they live, what is their lifestyle like? What is important to them? Your website should have content & language taken RIGHT from those questions, from your conversations from them, and answering their questions before they even get a chance to ask.

2. “I only visit websites on my laptop…..” Your website isn’t designed to be mobile friendly..

There is no excuse viable enough to make this mistake twice: all websites must be mobile friendly or your audience will take the FIRST detour away from it. The majority of people look to their phones more often than a laptop or computer when researching topics. Any person who is too confused or frustrated with your website because they have to zoom in to read it or sift through the muck to find what they’re looking for will leave to search for another company offering the same service down the road.

THE FIX: No ifs, ands or buts about it: design your website to be mobile friendly! The vast majority of platforms, including ones that are wildly mobile friendly, offer this set up along with their desktop view. These businesses are making the changes because they understand how vital it is to success online! If you worked with a designer to start, contact them ASAP to inquire about how to make your website mobile friendly. This should be a SEAMLESS option, where it’s automatically converted, not a separate entity unto itself. If you chose the DIY path, a simple google search should assist you in finding directions on how to convert it, but you can also hire a designer to solidify the process for you. You aren’t reinventing the wheel!

3. “My iphone does just fine!” Your photos are of LOW quality…

We have come EONS away from the cameras of the past, but also in the way that we view the websites we create. Photos make the most impact on a website and can affect your credibility positively, if they’re of high quality, or negatively if they are pixelated & blurry… and ESPECIALLY if you chose to nix them all together. High quality imagery pulls your brand together. They share your story, your vision, and adds layers of interest to your mission. They say a picture speaks 1000 words? I’d say 1 million when it comes to your presence online. HQ photos look professional & give you even more credibility.

THE FIX: Easy breezy… hire a photographer! Don’t DIY this one, friends. If you have anything to invest in your business to take your website to the next level, put those funds towards a photographer… aka someone who knows what they’re doing! They are trained to understand lighting, posing, editing, positioning, and can shoot the photos with your website layout in mind. Photos from a professional will make your life EASIER in the long run for these factors and more. Yes, iPhones are easier, but to stand out from your competition, who also owns an iPhone, professional photos will kick your website up 10 notches. PLUS! This investment is well rounded, as you can use them for advertising, marketing, and social media, too!

4. “I’ll just put my information up & they’ll contact me…one day…” You don’t have a call-to-action?

Why are people visiting your website? Are you selling a product that you want them to buy, or are you offering a service? Do you want folks to read your riveting blog posts, or visit your band at your next performance? Never assume that the person visiting your website inherently “knows what they want”. Maybe someone is just browsing, or it was recommended by a trusted source. Your website should be a pathway guiding them directly to a location! If you don’t show they what they’re looking for (even if THEY don’t know what they’re looking for)…no one will find it! And you will be missing out on customers, clients, or fans.

THE FIX: Figure out where you want visitors to end up…. And POINT them to it! Do you want someone to contact you for more information? The footer of your website should have an EASY form to fill out to contact you with questions or inquiries (NOT just listing your email or phone number!). You want them to purchase something from your online store? A SHOP button better be on every single page, and within the header! Want to grab their attention for your blog posts? The home page should include links to THREE of your most popular articles…. And then THREE more at the bottom! Don’t fluff up your website with filler hoping they’ll “eventually make their way to that page”…. Show them in bright flashing neon lights (Ok, maybe not literally…) where to go!

5. “About Me? No one wants to read about me!” Your “About Me” Page is lacking… or worse, non-existent!

Newsflash! We are a generation of NOSY. PEOPLE. The term “Facebook Stalking” literally evolved from our love of finding out everyone’s story! We are naturally curious as humans and want to know people’s stories. You’ve been down the rabbit hole of social media before: one moment you’re looking a photos of a old friend from high school and the next thing you know, you’re on the page of their grandfather’s cousin’s best friend’s high school sweetheart seeing memories from their 2 year olds birthday party! We want to hear about others and their stories and feel connection and community with one another. The “About Me” pages on websites are the MOST visited pages of websites outside of the homepage. Without even realizing it, you likely visit every single “history” or “about us” page on ones you visit! We can allow people to write their versions of our stories in their minds… but why not give them something to connect with that’s straight from the source?

THE FIX: Give your “About Me” page some TLC! This does not mean you have to share the most intimate details of your life with the internet. What makes YOU stand out from your competition or similar businesses? What’s part of your story you are PROUD of? Giving your audience something to share with you (such as a hobby or where you went to college or a passion project) could be the difference in making the sale or not! You can hire a copywriter to help you out… or simply give your writing to a trusted proof-reader!

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