CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If you want your pup to listen to you at all times, you have to memorize the 5 rules of recall! Professional Dog Trainer Jill Haley Rose told us those five “must-have” rules.5 Rules of Recall

  • Only say your recall word one time.
  • Never call your dog for something bad in his eyes.
  • Never call your dog when you already know he won’t come
  • Never punish your dog for coming to you, even if it took awhile.
  • When your dog does come, have a party!! Exuberant praise, super special treat

Runaway Recall:Step 1 – Say your dog’s name

Project loudly and clearly. If he is paying attention to you, then start running quickly away from him while saying, “COME!” in a loud, exciting voice. DO NOT run away and say come if he is not paying attention to you.Step 2 – Have a party!

Run 15 or more feet away, turn and face your dog. Once he gets to you exuberant praise and feed 2 or 3 pieces of his very special recall treats. Important to feed him right at your knees. This will get him in the habit of coming to you very closely.Step 3 – Repeat but don’t over do it

Recall exercises should only be repeated 3 to 4 times max in a session. Practice 1 or 2 times a day.Step 4- Practice with a helper

Put your dog on a drag leash or long line. Your helper will hang on to the dog while you call your dog and move quickly away. Your helper will release your dog after you’ve started moving away and the dog is clearly showing interest in coming to you.Step 5 – Put on the brakes.

Your helper will now restrain your dog while you walk to a distant spot. You will turn and face the dog, say their name, and say COME! The moment you say COME! Your helper will release the dog. Before the dog gets to you, put your treat hand outstretched in front of you. This will teach the dog to put on their brakes and slow down before they reach you. Lure them close to you and feed at your knees.