5 simple & budget-friendly green gardening tips

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It’s that time of year — time to talk flowers, gardening and lawn care!

Here with 5 methods to be green when you garden this spring is Jonathan Ruiz, Ecofellow from the Center for Ecotechnology. 


1.    Reusing lawn clippings.
    a. When you mow your lawn leave the cut grass on your lawn and help add nutrients to the soil, instead of bagging the clippings.

2.    Use Native plants in your garden
    a. Non-native/invasive species are not accustomed to the weather/seasonal changes and require more attention and resources.

3.    Let predators be your pesticide
    a. By not using chemical pesticide and allowing the predator/prey chain to be unbroken you’ll encourage a happy ecosystem and be environmentally conscious. 

4.    Lasagna gardening
    a. A no dig and no till method to allow soil richness to persist throughout the year.

5.    Compost

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