(Mass Appeal) – We are back with chef and co-owner of the Delaney House Mick Corduff, wrapping up our Irish Christmas with a little trifle!

sponge cake 1 med pan 12×12
fruit mix 1 c
strawberry sauce 1/2 c
raspberry jam 1/4 c
sherry wine 1/2 c –
Custard or pudding 3-4 c
whip cream 2-3 c

Cut cake in half place half in the bottom of punch bowl or dish.
Brush the cake sherry soak well.
Add half the raspberry jam- strawberry sauce and fruit.
Top with 1/2 the custard.
Then repeat the process.
Top or pipe the dish with whipped cream.
Best if made up 4-6 hours in advance or overnight.