Mass Appeal was live from Circus Smirkus in Northampton today to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put together this impressive circus run by kids ages 10 – 18.

First, we met with three local performers, which are called troupers in Circus Smirkus. Serafina Walker from Greenfield, Maia Castro-Santos from Gill, and Brad Zwier from Holyoke, spoke to us about their experience in the circus, how they got involved, and what they are performing.

Next we spoke with Ring Master and Artistic Director Troy Wunderle about this year’s “Carnival” theme and his work as the Ringmaster of Circus Smirkus.

Production Manager Joshua Shack then gave us a behind the scenes look at the performers’ tent.

We wrapped up our experience at Circus Smirkus with North Star Co-Founder and Executive Director Ken Danford who told us about North Star and the special relationship it has with Circus Smirkus.