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While sending a handwritten, detailed holiday card to all of your family, friends, and loved ones may be out of the question, sending a sweet holiday photo card to them is the perfect solution! Nothing makes your relatives happier than seeing sweet, smiling faces in their mailbox in December…. But how do you create a holiday card to send to your families that is easy to do but unique to YOU and your family? Loryn Engelbrecht, owner of Loryn Design brings us these 5 simple tips.

1.    Schedule a Family Photo Session!
Nothing makes a holiday a card more personal than using family photos! And so many of us regularly get photos done, especially around the holidays. Whether you have a large family to include or it’s just you & your dog, photos add a special touch to any holiday greeting. But instead of using a set of photos that you’ve already splashed up on Facebook or Instagram throughout the year… why not schedule a photoshoot for photos UNIQUE to season? When your loved ones open their mail, they’ll see photos they’ve haven’t seen already! My favorite photos make me laugh & tell a story: this is a photo I took of a mom & her two children! We set the scene with mom in the middle & her two kiddos wrapping her in Christmas lights & toilet paper. How can you not smile when you look at it? This was a photo session exclusively for her holiday cards… and it’s still one of my favorites I’ve ever done! 

2. Choose a design program to create in!
From a simple photo app to a professional design program, there are a plethora of options for one to DIY holiday cards. While I use Adobe Illustrator, many others are less expensive or free, and more user friendly for the casual DIY designer. Canva is a website AND app that is great for this purpose. You simply upload your photo to their platform and add additional elements. They even give you templates to start from! Other apps that I love: Felt & Red Stamp Cards

3. Write a cheery message in your favorite font!
No longer should “Happy Holidays!” be your standard! Get a little more creative & personal with the message you include. It can be themed to a specific holiday, the winter season, or New Year’s! Thinking about what you hope your loved ones enjoy through this season: a joyous, love-filled year, a heartwarming holiday, or a beautiful winter season! A few lines of text make the sentiment even more personal. In the design program you choose, you should be able to pick from a library of fonts. Find one that sparks your interest but is also legible! Pro tip: the large message (“Happy Holidays!”) can be in a decorative or script font, but keep all others sentences in a serif or sans-serif font…. They’re easiest to read! Have FUN with this part… don’t settle for default fonts!

4. Dress up your card in COLOR!
My favorite part of any design is adding pops of COLOR to it! They key to any well designed card is keeping the theme of the card in the same color palette! You can pull these color ideas right from the photo you choose to include. For example, don’t add pink writing on a card filled with green and red! My favorite color combinations for the holidays/New Year:
    Red & green & white
    Gold & silver
    Navy blue & white/silver
    Gold & Green
    Silver & Red
    Blue, purple, and white
    Black, white, & gold
    You can have so much fun with this! Always include a neutral (black, white, or brown work well in this season!) but pops of color add the spice to your card! 

5. Add the finishing touches!
    Once you get your beautiful holiday card printed (uprinting.com is my favorite source!), you can add a few touches to the finished product to make your card extra special! 
    Sign your name(s) to each card! Even if the message is the same… a signature adds personality!
    Splurge on fun envelopes! You can get colored ones or ones with added holiday designs on them to bring a bright spot to the mailbox!
    Add stickers and/or themed stamps to the envelopes!

The holiday season is all about showing your love for those you care about. However you design your card or send it to them, it’s the thought & sentiment that counts most!

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