All-natural summer first aid remedies

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(Mass Appeal) – As wonderful as summer is, certain health issues – like sunburns and bug bites – come along with the warm, sunny weather. Jonathan Evans, herbal information specialist at the herbarium, joins us with all-natural summer first aid remedies.

  • Sunburn: Black tea (Tetley, Salada.etc.)Chamomile Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply liberally to stop the burn.
  • Cookout burns: Lavender essential oil applied directly can stop the blistering and pain in seconds.
    Diaper rash. Chamomile tea bags into the diaper brings down the inflammation and soothes the skin.
  • Bug Bite or sting: Black ointment as a drawing salve. Green clay can help draw out the sting or soothe the bite. BUGZAWAY- our essential oil insect repellent helps keep them away and stop the itch if you have already been bitten
  • Athletes’ foot: Apple cider vinegar. Tea tree oil diluted for topical treatment. Another formula for more aggressive infections
  • Poison ivy: Rhus tox (homeopathic) is actually highly dilute poison ivy. Green clay helps dry up the weeping blisters better than calamine lotion.
  • Indigestion: Too much cookout consumption. Ginger candy or tea, Chamomile tea or ice cubes, peppermint ice cubes. Papaya or pineapple can also be eaten as it helps break down protein.

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