Avoid falling for these common phone scams

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(Mass Appeal) – National Consumer Protection Week starts on Sunday. Phone scams are running rampant but you can easily spot them using tips provided by Anita Wilson and Janice Garrett from the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office.

If you receive an unsolicited phone call, be wary. These calls often express a sense of urgency to make you act fast before thinking. Scam calls try to trick you into providing bank details, personal information, or will request payment via wire transfer or gift cards. Or, they’ll ask you to go through some steps on your home computer to “fix” a problem, which will instead give them access to your system.

You should also consider the alleged source of the call. The Social Security Office and The Internal Revenue Service will never call you by phone. Computer companies aren’t monitoring your machine, so a call saying your system has been compromised by a virus would be unlikely.

For more information, visit https://www.northwesternda.org/consumer-protection .

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