CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Our daily habits create imbalances in our bodies that lead to aches and pains. Driving is one of the biggest culprits and Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest on the roads.  Ginny Hamilton, Pain Specialist from has some ideas to keep us moving.Where do you hold your hands on the steering wheel?

  • Most of us over a certain age were taught to hold the wheel at 10 & 2
  • 10 & 2 no longer recommended since 2012
  • 9 & 3 or 8 & 4 now recommended in most states
  • Also better for our neck & shoulders

Do you need more lumbar support?

  • Many car seat supports are not enough
  • Position shoulders over hips

Driving break stretch ideas

  • Side bend
  • Gentle lunge
  • Hold each for 30 seconds
  • Antidote to sitting for too long