(MASS APPEAL) – It’s that time of the year when all the kiddos are headed back into classrooms and parents struggle with what to feed them. Here with some help is Registered Dietitian, Andrea Luttrell from Big Y Your Family Market.

When it comes to packing school lunches it’s best to do so ahead of time is ideal for families who are often on-the-go. Taking the time to plan your child’s meals allows you to make sure there are balanced options available and by bringing food you’re encouraging proper portion control. This reduces the chance of overeating or choosing foods of little nutritional value. It also helps children to focus and have higher performance throughout the day during school or after-school activities.

On-the-go meals can be either hot or cold. It is important to maintain proper temperature of hot or cold foods to avoid foodborne illness, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, so you should use a thermos or ice packs.

Create a fun kid’s lunch with all food groups:

Meal option (cold): Turkey “Sushi” Wraps

Other simple trade-ups for a more nutritious meal include switching white bread for white whole wheat bread, bologna for turkey and cheesy puffs for whole grain popcorn.

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