Back to School meal and snack essentials!

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(Mass Appeals) – Lifestyle contributor Limor Suss shares some back to school essentials for the whole family.

Stonyfield Organic’s Breakboxes for Parents are available for $50 at

Little Bites Snacks are here to help satisfy all your back-to-school snack cravings!

Green Giant Veggie Fries, available in three varieties, combine crispy texture with the flavorful taste of real vegetables, and contains one full serving of vegetables in each serving, making it an ideal after school snack.

House Foods organic tofu and shirataki noodles are healthy, inexpensive, and ideal for adding plant-based protein to you or your kids’ lunchboxes without compromising on nutrition or taste.

Keep the kids fueled with high-protein sweet and savory recipes from Hood Cottage Cheese.

Hood knows that every glass and every drop of milk matters for your family and that’s why they created the LightBlock Bottle®, to protect milk from light exposure and maintain its fresh taste, from the moment it leaves their hands to the moment it enters your fridge.

Helpful Hens is the first-to-market line of free-range, pasture-raised eggs sustainably farmed with regenerative practices.

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