Back to School Week: Help to manage you child’s anxiety

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The start of school can produce a lot of anxiety in children. That’s reasonable – it’s a big building, with unfamiliar faces and coupled with a new routine. We invited Jeff Londraville, author and personal development coach, to join us in studio to discuss tips to mitigate anxiety.

Londraville recommended preparing your children before school starts to lessen anxiety. He suggests returning to school year routines, such as a realistic bedtime and selecting tomorrow’s clothes, before the start of school. He also suggested that you arrange play dates with one or more familiar peers before school starts.

Visiting the school before the school year begins and rehearsing the drop off is also a good way to calm anxious thoughts. According to Londraville, validating the child’s worry by acknowledging that starting school can be hard – but soon becomes easy and fun – is a solid way to reassure them. He also emphasizes that they take cues from parents, so move to the other room if you need to cry and try not to get too anxious yourself.

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