Dr. Rob Robinson, Clinical Director at Family Care Counseling Associates shared different ways to live in the “now” and truly appreciate life!

1. Stop and deeply consider this truth: our life unfolds in the present moment. The past is over and the future is not yet born, so the present moment is the space where our life takes place. Awareness of this truth is the first step in becoming friends with the present moment. 

2. Avoid the trap of viewing the present moment as a means to an end. The perception that I’m here but I would rather be there causes stress. People often wish their life away wanting to be anywhere else but in this
 moment or in the place or situation they are in now. See this moment as the place to accept and fully live in.

3. Avoid another trap by resisting the form the present moment takes. In other words, leave life alone, because life doesn’t leave you alone. Stuff happens and resisting the form any moment takes is the cause of most stress. When something is perceived as undesirable, ask yourself “where’s the space for this”? Deal with life situations from a space of open acceptance to what is and then the quality and power of the action you take is improved dramatically.  

4. When you perform routine tasks, work, and chores, bring your full attention into what you are doing. Be totally present and fully mindful of each task you undertake in the present moment. When this type of presence and alertness flows into what you are doing, the quality of what you do improves and happiness is experienced in routine tasks.

5. Use the present moment to attend fully in your relationships with people. Be alert when you are with someone and determine if you are completely engaged. Is your mind elsewhere? Are you giving the person you are with the impression that you are listening or are you distracted by other things and thoughts? Use the present moment as the place to deepen your connections to others and enhance the relationships in your life.
Allow your full attention to flow into the interaction between you and others and watch what happens. People will validated and loved.