Benefits of having a bridal dresser

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – There are many benefits to having a bridal dresser to help avoid fashion emergencies on your wedding day. Beth Chapman stylist, author and owner of Beth Chapman Styling joined us with details.

Day of Wedding Emergency Kit Items


Needle and thread (white, black and the color of the bridesmaid dresses)


Safety pins

Fashion tape

Extra buttons (bridal and suit buttons)

Extra pair of men’s black socks

Extra pair of men’s black shoelaces

Krazy Glue ®

Health & Beauty:

Hair spray

Bobby pins

Various color pony tail holders


Clear nail polish

Nail polish remover and cotton balls


Make up remover wipes




Blister guard

Pain reliever

Acid reducer

Dental Floss

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Granola bar

Emergency Essentials

Stain remover

Lint roller

Baby powder

Static guard

Sandpaper (to scuff the bottom of new shoes)


Solemates ®

Breath mints

What is the benefit of a bridal dresser?

First of all, A bridal dresser is an insurance policy. I am there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and looks beautiful from a fashion perspective. Secondly, I a lady in waiting. I prepare the gown for dressing (steam/press it), assist the bride in getting dressed dressed and I am there prior to the first look and during portraits to ensure that the bride and the bridal party are all picture perfect. I style editorial shoots for magazines, so I treat each wedding as a shoot and make sure that every fashion detail is in place and perfect. It is a blessing for the photographer because they have much less photo shopping to do! I am also there to fluff the bride and make sure that the gown is perfect and that the veil in place before the bride walks down the aisle.

If the bride is changing in to a second look, I either prepare the entire look (layout the dress, shoes, accessories etc) before I leave or I assist the bride in dressing in that look for her reception.

Traditionally a bride likes to have that portrait of her Mom zipping her gown or putting on her veil. Can that still happen if a bride hires a dresser?

Absolutely! I am such a sucker for tradition myself and understand how important those moments are. I will get the bride dressed and leave the last section of zipper or top buttons for the mom to do or at the very least make sure that the photographer gets a picture of the Mom looking like she is zipping the gown.

Do you also dress the bridesmaid and mother of the bride?

Yes! Actually, I find that the most of the fashion emergencies that take place on the wedding day take place with the bridesmaids rather than the bride. My staff and I will also steam and prepare their dress and the mom’s dress if needed and make sure that they look perfect as well.

You recently dressed Martha Stewart’s nice on Martha’s property. How exciting was that?

It was so exciting and SUCH an honor! Martha Stewart is of course, my bridal idol, so it was such a thrill to be on her property this summer, to be able to meet her, and to work with her family. It was an absolutely stunning wedding. It is being featured in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

What are some fashion emergencies that you have had to deal with when working with bridal parties on their wedding day?

There are so many! Here are a few:

Mud on Martha Stewart’s niece’s train prior to her walking down the aisle. I had to clean it off.

A bridesmaid who had previously worn the dress in another wedding and brought it to this wedding straight from the cleaner. All of the rouching at the waist of the dress had come out. I had to re- pleat the bodice for her.

A spaghetti strap on a bridesmaid dress broke right as the bridal party was lining up to walk down the aisle. I had to sew the strap on the dress while it was still on the bridesmaid and she was lining up in the back of the ceremony for the processional

If someone cannot afford this service, what are some other ways to avoid fashion emergencies on a the wedding day?

1. Be sure to have your maid of honor or whoever is going to be bustling your gown attend the final fitting so that they know exactly what to expect on the wedding day.

2. Prepare a day of wedding emergency kit. After the ceremony and pictures, this kit can then be placed in the ladies room for the guests at the wedding to use in case of their own fashion mishaps.

( I will be bringing all of the items that should go into the kit and we can discuss what is needed)

3. If you prefer to purchase a pre-maid emergency kit, here are a couple of examples. (show examples from Pinch Provision). These are available online or in bridal stores.

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